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Animal Icon Knives and Wood Carvings

Basswood is employed for most carvings, some with Abalone shell inlay. Copper is hand-cut and finished with 16 to 18 gauge copper. Overall length is about 9 to 9.5 inches (23-24 cm). A simple application of wood-oil is used to treat the handles.

Bear Knife

Basswood and copper

Black-Eyed Bear Knife

Basswood, copper, glass beads

Eagle-Puffin Knife

Southern Gum Wood and Copper, with Abalone inlay

Eagle-Puffin Knife, verso

Stealing Pretty Things Knife

Basswood, Copper, Abalone

Stealing Pretty Things Knife, verso

Basswood, Copper, Abalone

Frog Knife

Basswood, copper, abalone