Images of Richard's work

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These galleries display a few examples of bead and quill work, as well as leatherwork and wood-carvings

Most of these quill earrings highlight size 13, cut-glass beads and natural (undyed) porcupine quills. The faceted quality of the beads unfortunately doesn't come across in these images. Earring dimensions are about 2-1/2 to 3 inches (5-1/2 to 7 cm) in length, not including metal furnishings.

Copper earrings are made with hand-cut and hammered 16-guage copper. Single disc earrings are about 9/16-inches (1.5 cm); two-disc earrings are about 1.25 inches ( 3 cm); three-disc earrings are about 1.75 inches (4.6 cm). Overall length does not include metal furnishings.

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Rainbow earrings

Loon Earrings

Good Red Day, Good Blue Day Earrings

Daystar Earrings

Red Nation Earrings

Autumn Hills Earrings

Single-disc Copper Earrings

Double-disc Copper Earrings

Three-disc Copper Earrings

Sundown Earrings

White Water Earrings

Yellow Medicine Earrings

Night Sky Earrings

Night Red Earrings

Big Rainbow Earrings

Changing Sky Earrings

Red Band Earrings